Sherry Grandmaison Testimonial
I met with pooja on Saturday Feb2, 2020 and was very impressed with her approach. I ahve tried for years to quit smoking using various methods but went back to it. It's only been a few days and currently I am smoke free!! I see it differently now due to Pooja and her methods. Needless to say I was VERY impressed!!! Thank You Pooja for your help!  
Sherry Grandmaison
- IHA Hypnotherapy & NLP Certified Training
It was a pleasant journey with Pooja. Forget about what you have been searching on the internet. With Pooja was totally different experience. Pooja started with conversation to understand what's the problem and what kind of help I need. And most importantly if I have strong will to make the change. it was so easy to follow her voice to go to the subconscious level to discover yourslef. And woke up seeing her smiling face, I know that the thing I was worry about will be alright. Email: staywithc@gmail.com Phone: 0957780970
Stacey Chuang
- Happy Soul
Just after two sessions with Pooja I can say that I feel like a new me, she managed to bring back my confidence, she made me forget about stress and anxiety and more than that, to have no longer any kind of physical pain . I learned to love and appreciate myself, things that I never did before. I m really grateful of meeting Pooja, she is a great listener and incredibly empathetic.
- Happy Soul
First of all, thank you very much. I felt great after a session and that feeling persisted. Now I sleep better every night. I feel much more positive, optimistic, resilient, and calmer than before. You helped and guided me clear away the unimportant things and focus on what needed to be done.
- Happy Soul
The few sessions I had with Pooja (Tranceform Hypnotherapy), cleared a lot of my dilemmas and gave a better way to accept and approach people and situations .. Perception of situations improved .. Feel in control of myself .. I would definitely recommend a few sessions with her .. She is very caring and puts a person at ease .. So one enjoys these sittings ...and  does ultimately feel the change ...
- Housewife
Wonderful experience as a first-timer. Never imagined how provoking it is to alter your subconscious mind. It makes you realise its understated yet powerful effects on the conscious mind - necessary for your everyday life. And with Pooja’s voice, it’s definitely a must-try!
- Happy Soul
Can't quite describe how enlightening the entire process was. Pooja's soothing voice allowed me to go in deep. With just one session my mind was put to rest and weight was lifted off my shoulders. Would highly recommend for anyone dealing with stress or anxiety.
- Student